About Us

About Us

Since 2015, the idea of organizing grooming competitions and seminars was born. After several editions of the Romanian Grooming Trophy organized in a private system, and after the organization of several editions of the Grooming Camp, it became evident that there is a need for an association in the field. Starting in 2022, groomers will be able to evolve under the patronage of a national association, they will be able to participate in rankings and competitions, as well as receive better information regarding this profession. Those who wish to advance in their career will have access to the resources of the Romanian Grooming Association.
Starting this year, we will be able to offer groomers who evolve in the annual examination, rankings in different grooming styles and at different levels of difficulty. In this way, Romanian groomers will be able to be certified in Poodle, Pure Breed Scissoring, Free Style or Stripping, at 3 levels of difficulty, C (beginner level), B (medium level), A (advanced level). Any groomer who has passed the national examination will obtain a certificate issued by the Romanian Grooming Association, according to the level and style at which they were tested, as well as a sticker that will be posted at the salon where they work. This way, a distinction can be made and clients will find out that a groomer who has been tested by the Romanian Grooming Association in a national examination is working at that salon.
Also, starting this year, only association members will have access to the Grooming Camp. Registration for the Grooming Camp is still FREE, as it has been until now!